Workshops wot - Inspire WE LeadershipWhy should you do a workshop?

Workshops are great for building shared platforms of understanding and can be used for anything from learning & development to conceiving and planning strategies.


How many people can be part of a workshop?

bullit   Workshops can be facilitated for groups in the range of 2-60 people.

bullit   For heavy subjects and/or long sessions smaller workshops are recommended.

bullit   Workshops sizes of 16-20 persons has in many cases proven ideal for learning and development whereas for strategy work the size is usually smaller.


What can be expected in the workshop?

bullit   The participatory and co-creating method primarily used is called Cooperative Learning and ensures everyone are actively engaged and participating in the workshops.

bullit   Introverts and extroverts are given equal opportunities and diversities such as age, culture, experience, gender, organisational rank etc. are used as advantages to heighten the quality of outputs.

bullit   Beyond co-creation the method supports teambuilding and leveraging of trust between participants.

bullit   In most workshops, each individual will be active 2/3 of the time in a combination of cognitive thinking, learning and talking.


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