Consulting wot - Inspire WE LeadershipWhy should you use a consultant?

bullit   Being busy juggling day-to-day issues along with strategy and implementation often means that finding inspiration and initiating development is last on your to-do-list and as you get there you need to identify where to start.

bullit   Using a consultant means taking you out of operational mode and seeing things in a wider/higher perspective helping you to identify that starting point.

bullit   Our time is focused on learning from others both via our network of clients, colleagues and partners as well as keeping up to date on research and publications. We use the combination to co-create knowledge and development as well as gather experience.


How are we different from other consultants?

bullit   We have actual experience from operational, tactical and strategic roles. We understand the issues you’re facing – because we’ve been in similar situations.

bullit   We are straightforward and address leadership and ethics in what you do – because it matters to employees and to customers.

bullit   We focus on the bigger picture. Having a holistic approach ensures that initiatives support the rest of the organisation, break down those silos and improve cross sectional cooperation.

bullit   We share your conviction that engaged, thriving and motivated employees are better at finding ways to improve the business to become even more attractive to customers (and employees).


What are we doing then?

bullit   With us there is no one-solution-fits-all. We focus 80% of our attention on those 20% efforts where you and the organisation will gain the most. Change initiatives that makes sense are easier to implement.

bullit   We help inspire those around you. Our focus is to help you and your organisation  implement changes at a fast pace while being driven primarily by the employees themselves. Through co-operation and co-creation we help you and your organisation be able to work faster, leaner and with less bureaucracy.

bullit   Our holistic approach to Conscious Leadership, Business and Organisations is why we focus on:

  • Strategy
  • Culture
  • Change
  • Competence
  • Recruitment, Retention & Talent
  • Safety / Health / Environment / Quality
  • HR / HRM / Crewing
  • Brand value
  • Communication


Your colleagues, employees and customers have the best ideas to strengthen and develop your business. If they get the autonomy to do it they will take you places you’ve never thought of yourself.


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