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Connecting THEM and US wot - Inspire WE LeadershipConscious Leadership, Organisations and Business

Our credo:

‘Work should be cool making it possible to deliver a kick-a** performance.

To achieve this we focus on consciously creating motivation and happiness.

And so we create the foundation for long term and sustainable development of both people and business’

Our focus to inspire WE leadership by connecting THEM and US is rooted in some of the below issues that we find important, relevant and highly interconnected.

We believe that to mitigate these and other issues it is essential to bridge all resources while making work life relevant and purposeful using autonomy to drive development, motivation and performance.


bullit   Organisations want to be agile and resilient

WE HELP YOU to unleash the potential of employees and customers by bringing to life all the bright ideas that are left unpursued due to bureaucracy and bottle necks in decision making.

WE HELP YOU break down the silos and develop your business.


bullit   Only 10% of change initiatives succeed

WE HELP YOU to help yourself. Change initiatives that makes sense and are identified by employees themselves creates far higher buy-in and a motivation to succeed.

WE HELP YOU to succeed with change.


bullit   Burning platforms are more common than burning desires

WE HELP YOU define purposeful goals that will resonate with employees so they will pull rather than having to be pushed.

WE HELP YOU unleash the motivation of your employees.


bullit   50% of the operational budget is salary related

WE HELP YOU to better use the resources of your employees. You’re already paying for their competencies – we help you use their bright minds.

WE HELP YOU to increase performance.


bullit   2/3 of employees feel disengaged from their workplace

WE HELP YOU focus on culture, purpose, thrive and motivation through relations within and across your organisation.

WE HELP YOU to be the place where people want to work.


Business as UNUSUAL [ʌnˈjuːʒʊəl]

  1. Not habitually or commonly occurring or done
  2. Remarkable or interesting because different from or better than others

Your colleagues, employees and customers holds a vast amount of knowledge about your business, and most likely a ton of ideas that can strengthen and develop your business. Tap into these insights by connecting them and us and go places you’ve never thought of yourself.

This is how we see it all links together and how to Inspire WE leadership:

How to Inspire WE Leadership - Rehnny Sommer

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