I believe that work should be cool making it possible to deliver a kick-a** performance that create a better tomorrow for you, your colleagues, customers and company – as well as our planet and its people.

Originally a Master Mariner, my career span nearly 20 years in senior leader/advisor roles, primarily related to Operations, HR and HSE spanning both SME and Corporate. Rehnny Sommer Consulting was founded to offer a different and more conscious approach to leadership.

Rehnny SommerBacked up by both cases and studies, what drives me is helping organisations and their leaders to become conscious about what they do and raise the level of motivation and thrive amongst employees letting bright ideas flourish leading to increased performance and development of the business.

I’ve talked to +10,000 people during my advisory/consulting jobs who in most confirmed that they wished there was a better connection between ‘them’ and ‘us’. That’s why I’ve set out to unite the two to help create organisations where everybody is working to promote and inspire WE leadership.

My maritime leadership background has helped me define my personal leadership style, one I usually refer to as Good Seamanship.

I use Good Seamanship to support my knowledge of how breaking down silos and utilizing diversity is good business – one that is agile and capable of handling both the present and the future.

For me Good Seamanship is characterised by:

HONESTY: A culture where feedback makes it possible to talk about the elephant in the room
RISK MANAGEMENT: Always keeping in mind both short and long termed issues and effects
ACCOUNTABILITY: In terms of affecting other people actions speak far louder than words
COURAGE: Saying ‘no’, admitting errors and having the courage to ask ‘why’ enables new ideas
HUMILITY: Answers, ideas and solutions are found in many places but with one self

On a personal level I spend time with my family, pets, work in the garden or DIY projects on the house. To gain new knowledge and inspiration I go through 20-30 books a year both classic and contemporary litterature as well as books on leadership, strategy, behaviour etc. I also like listening to podcasts on the go…

CC_DenmarkChapter LogoBeing active on the board of Conscious Capitalism Denmark also takes up some of my time. We do Conscious Conversations (network) and Conscious Talks (events).


You can find more details on my professional background on my LinkedIn profile here.


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